Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce

Annette is of Greek descent, born and brought up in Tanzania, East Africa. She has lived in Greece, South Africa, France, Switzerland, United States, Italy, and traveled to England, Germany, Serbia, Turkey, and Egypt


Once Annette completed her business management studies in Switzerland, she worked on both the European and North American continents in the business and hospitality fields.


In 2002, Annette established the UK-accredited Cross Cultural Cosmos which offered the wider Balkan region with trainings on international business practices, communication, and behavior. In 2010, Cross Cultural Cosmos co-founded the Building Powerful Influence project, with euronique+Communications of Sacramento, CA, to build business communication across borders through global events.  In 2013, Cross Cultural Cosmos evolved and became The Executive+Assistant Partnership, backed by 40+ years’ of experience in an administrative capacity.


Annette joined the Hispano Chamber on May 29, 2018, as Executive Assistant.